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Module One || STAGE 1 by seancooper
September 3, 2008, 9:29 pm
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Before/During/After the assigned reading, post thoughts on the following. Please make one or two comments on remarks made by others as well…

How is your world changing?
What do you like and not like about these changes?
What inspires you personally as an instrument of change?


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– I am less conscious of where all my stuff comes from.
– It’s getting more expensive, and there is more stuff to buy.
– I rely heavily on technology, which sometimes I like & sometimes I despise.
– I’m aware of more daily world issues & the complexity of solving them.


– I like the variety of options, the ability to travel and meet other people.
– I don’t like the idea of being caught in a pre-determined life operating machine.
– I enjoy developing projects with others that are not limited geographically.
– I’m inspired to pray more, and regularly, for others around the world.
– I wonder if world change is producing more solutions or more problems.


I’m convinced biblically that God has placed me in this exact time and space, no sooner, no later, to play a role in the Kingdom. I’m inspired that the Creator intends to lead me, Addie, Emerson, and ? into the future to serve the body of Christ. Lastly, I’m motivated by challenges that require innovative ideas that don’t yet exist.

Comment by Sean

How is my world changing. Likes/dislikes.
-I’m thinking about where my stuff comes from, but I have a hard time pinpointing it and knowing what the experience of the worker who is make my stuff is (I worry about the reliability of information). I feel like there is a need to be concerned with the alienation between the worker making the product, the worker’s use/non-use of the product, and the consumer.

I love the connection that I can have with people around the world, and the ease of gaining information and traveling, but I also long for a deeper connection to a local community and space. So far, bike-riding has helped re-establish by keeping me more local and outside. Making a point to say hi to the people I meet at the hospitality train has also helped with that, but I think we have to be intentional about doing that in such a connected and global society.

The plethora of stuff to buy is definitely a problem. It is kind of cool to stay a bit disconnected from the updates of all the “stuff,” to stay out of malls, and away from advertising. I’ve found if something is really worth knowing about I end up hearing about it without advertising or tech blog updates.

Also, as the book brought up, I’ve been really concerned with the amount of stuff we get rid of (dump) in order to make room for the stuff we get, or even to just make things like moving simpler. Companies need to especially get better at getting rid of stuff in less wasteful ways. For example, the amount of good food wasted everyday is pretty disgusting. I can’t imagine that God would be pleased with our disregard for vital resources.

What inspires me?

-The people who around me who are willing to live differently inspire me. People who are so passionate about living in and displaying the Kingdom of God that they constantly questioning the current way and building more Kingdom-oriented ways.

I also am really encouraged by the promise Christ’s death, resurrection, and lordship offers us. I am thankful that I have the freedom to live out heaven on earth now because of what he has done.

Comment by Sarah Lynne

Lauren’s World Changes…
Every year I get older I have to start paying for more and more of my own stuff (thank you regina and rick for still paying for the majority of my stuff) so I notice how expensive everything is, like car keys for instance.
Loves the fact that travel is so easy now days and people we are connected to from across the world we’re able to see more frequently.
I can’t eat anymore fast food without getting sick.

I am a fickle person when it comes to change, I either love it or hate it. I am all about advancing technology so lets keep changing that. Change in gas prices I am happy if they get cheaper sad if they increase. I’ll roll with anything.


Comment by laurenberlin

How is my world changing…
-Well I am becoming more and more aware that life after college is fastly approaching, and that everything I am learning in class is interconnected between other classes and even my job. It’s nice to learn things that apply to everything that I am involved in.
-I constantly feel like I am always running out of money and always asking my parents for more. So I can’t wait til a steady paycheck comes in and I can become more independant in that area of my life.
-I am excited for all the international friends that I have developed friendships with for the past 6 years. I’m still trying to figure out exactly where my place is within our partnerships and relationships with churches overseas, and I’m trying to figure out when and where I will be able to study abroad with school.
-So even though I don’t have an exact idea of what my world consists of right now, I have been thinking about it alot lately on what my focuses should be on, and what I should let go as far as priorities, relationships, schoolwork, etc.

-People like all of you inspire me to be more in depth with my quiet times and to have conversations that are deeper than I am used to. Its a great challenge and I’m excited to learn quite a bit this semester!!

Comment by Lauren McLaughlin

How is my world changing:
Two months ago I had to change my way of living. My body didn´t work anymore. I was often sick, tired, all energy was gone. As a result I had to change the way I eat. It´s more expensive, I have to eat more organic food and had to stop eat a lot. And it works, I really like it. It´s hard sometimes but I started to like it. My world is changing, it had to start from the way I think. Change took place, it´s uncomfortable but I now I love it. Same with my car, it broke down last December and I ended up taking the train and my bikes to school. Change, change, change…we got to get used to it. As it says in the book we are the ones who´ll live in a world that has no more gas. I´m looking forward to it.

I like change, period.

I´m inspired by people that live a life of change, we have to hang on to these people and stop laughing about them. They´re probably not comfortable to be around, they´ll challenge you…but they´ll help you change into someone that will make a difference.

Comment by andibinder

I just transferred from Davidson College to UCF. Davidson has a student enrollment of less than 2,000; UCF has a student enrollment of about 30,000. The difference in size is only a small example of their polarity. In many ways I really like this change. I’m learning to adapt by leaving extra early to find parking; I’m enjoying the enrichment I receive by the diversity of people in my classes; and I’m filling the time that was consumed by studying with other things I really enjoy.

I think my life’s rapid changes definitely parallel my world on the macro-level. Technology connects people from all over the world like never before; in the US, the very people who were once at the periphery of society will be leading this country; polar ice caps are melting; and consumerism is growing more and more prevalent. I so appreciate changes in technology and in states’ foreign policies that have allowed geographic barriers to be transcended, bringing into my life some amazing relationships with people from all over the world. I am saddened by consumerism and my role in it. I think consumerism reinforces the individual, tears away at communities, and does irreparable damage to our environment.

I feel inspired everyday when I think about Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. Because of Christ, I have a new life; I am able to focus on the heavenly; I get to try to accept what I have already attained through Christ’s sacrifice. Even when life brings sorrow or suffering, I remember that through the trying times perseverance and character are built, which give way to hope. And this hope never ever fails. I am in awe that God, my father wants His heavenly kingdom to be here on earth and that He has a role planned just for me in making that happen. The rapid changes of this world, the good and the bad, are revealing to me more each day that Christ is our only hope and that prayer is the greatest necessity.

Comment by courtneywalmer

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