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September 12, 2008, 1:17 pm
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Great posts last week, and great discussion at our meetings! For those of you not posting, I’ve already nagged at you!!

All your thoughts are helpful, so keep them coming.

Who is trying to change our world? Why? How?
How are movements formed?
Describe a local and global movement that you see today.


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Everyone in some way is changing the world. It’s the hole ripple effect… because of my actions they have affected someone who then does something who influences someone… etc and because of it all the world is different. I think the majority of people are wanting to leave “their mark” on this Earth, and achieve some kind of greatness depending upon what you think is great, and through those attempts the world is changed.

Movements are formed when a person forms and idea and gets people to follow it. In history you typically learn of movements that happen because of something corrupt that is taking place and a group of people rise up to follow someone who has an idea of a better way, and they run with that idea.

A movement I am noticing now is how people my age are becoming more and more aware of turmoil in other countries, and are figuring out ways to help. Most of us in the apprenticeship are those kinds of people. This weekend I was up in Jacksonville with a bunch of friends ranging from 21-26 years of age and we all were talking about other countries and ways they have been out trying to revive, love, educate, & share the good news about Jesus to them.

Comment by Lauren

I think that passionate individuals are trying to change our world. I refuse to believe that the media plays as significant a role in world changing as one might initially tend to think. Real change, anything more than just “talk” is carried out by compelled, passionate individuals who take responsibility on themselves to initiate movements and revolutions.

Movements can be formed by an individual or by a group of like-minded individuals. Any movement begun by one must soon be spread into the hands of many others. For a movement to gain momentum it cannot be the the responsibility of only one person. As a movement begins, the main leader or initiator shares his/her vision for change and seeks to motivate others to create that change. Often times movements begin as a response to injustice or disparity and hope is at their core.

A global movement I see currently in our world is the move towards energy efficiency and “green peace.” This movement has gained momentum as nations have begun recognize the ways that we are destroying our planet and endangering ecosystems, habitats, and species.

Comment by Jenny

I think that everyone is changing our world, for the better or worse, but I truely believe that people that have a purpose and a drive are changing our world for the better. More and More I am hearing people around me find a purpose to be able to change the world rather than lazily watch the world pass by, and that gets me excited.

Every time I have been involved in forming a movement usually one person has the specific drive for the mission and a group of us follow, have input and advice, and actually execute the plan for it. From there it usually spreads into a little bit bigger of a group for a more powerful response to be known about whatever that specific passion or drive is.

A local and global movement I see right now is people caring alot more for the world not just where they are specifically but internationally as well. Constantly in my classes we are talking about Hospitality businesses going green, and what does the international impact of travel and caring for our world have on our industry, etc. I’m continually learning more about how my upbringing in the church, as well as going on mission trips, is connecting to my schooling in these different ways.

Comment by laurenmclaughlin0

I also think that everybody changes the world, some are more and some are less, some in a good and some are in a bad way. The big deal is to bring everyone on the same way, that we are pulling all on one string, instead of trying to be the better world changer. I know that there are some who don’t care about earth, but we should show them that they should care and pray that they will recognize it as soon as possible.

There are Movements all over the world, we know that. Of course everyone has heard about the big ones like Greenpeace. But I really have to say that there is no movement coming up in my mind that is local, I’m sorry.

Comment by Thomas

if everyone in the world would, at least for a few moments, thinking about changing the world, how crazy would that be?

I def. think the media is changing our world right now. Now as almost everyone has a computer, TV, telephone, the world changes every minute. The world is not as big, as it used to be. You can be where ever you want in at least a day. If I want that I change a persons thought, I write a weird email and the whole “facebook generation” will think about that. Changing or more manipulating?
Every person changes the world in their unique way, and I am glad for that. A smile of the cashier lady at the grocery store changes “my” world this tuesday. The phonecall from a good friend does change it excatly like the postguy who is delivering my mail.

To form a movement, I think, is very easy. The hard part is, to keep it going. All you need is a person with a great idea, with people who believe in that person, and a good concept… the movement is born.

A great movement for example is: finding ways for: alternative engery. Like in the village I am from, we have water wheels. Some other places have wind wheels. Solar ect.

Comment by Christine

Topic of global movements is very interesting to me. I often wonder if we shape them, or somehow they shape us. Of course, movements are made by people, so it makes sense that we shape them, yet often times I wonder if movements create assumptions that perhaps were not intended by the originator, which then becomes something all together different. Is the movement driven by those shaping it, or is it becoming something undetermined along the way?

As an apprentice, one of your goals should be to redeem elements of movements and culture for the Kingdom. In other words, no matter what the movement, is it possible to see Jesus and point others to the Gospel? Can we identify hope in any movement, in any culture?

Each of you are initiating movement despite how little or big you feel your role. Kingdom Noise is a desire to follow the movement of the Creator. God uses our creativity and obedience as a part of the Kingdom plan converging.

Comment by seancooper

It is interesting how movements tend to shape us. I agree obviously, that people are responsible for making up and driving movements, but the sense that somehow these movements “take on a life of there own” is greater.

We studied this phenomenon in a lot of my social theory classes, and the power of social trends/movements can be very dangerous (even for seemingly good purposes). I like the term used for this in sociology, which is that the movement/trend/cultural act becomes “reifed.” This means that it becomes a concrete thing in and of itself, making it possible to somehow influence the people who created it. I think this is actually sometimes what Paul is talking about when he talks about “authorities” and “powers.” It is ambiguous and hard to pin down, but still somehow influencing our decisions. We don’t want to be caught up in these things, but in what God is doing in his Kingdom.

I think we should always be critical of what is happening (especially of what kind of hope is being communicating. Trends are often made up of good things and things that don’t point to Christ’s lordship). If we just go along for the ride. even if the trend is a good thing (like caring for our environment) it can be fleeting and not really be internalized by the people participating (even when it influences our tastes and buying choices).

I’m guilty of this as well, but I think trying to look at things from very different perspectives can help us understand issues more thoroughly. Also I think innovating different ways of communicating something important, and then actually implementing practical lifestyle choices can help us avoid empty, easily parrot-ed rhetoric. Everyone is apart of shaping this world, so it’s important that we all our thoughtful and serious about how we do it… especially since we as Christians are ultimately supposed to be pointing to the world God is creating.

Comment by Sarah Lynne

Who is trying to change our world?
I think politicians are changing the world. Even thou people are most of the time not happy about them. But they´re the once being bold enough standing upfront and try to make changes. I joined a party last year cause I ran for city counsil. I had the last place on my list, so I didn´t get into it. But it was a good experience, I got more knowledge of what´s going on. My reason to join a party was to make a change, but I also think that there are people in politics cause they like to rule. After all I think a lot of politicians have to deal with that issue. But still they´re making some change, good or bad. I think that also everyone is changing the world. Here again the same thing, good or/and bad. Let me explain: If I do something to change the environment(for example: ride my bike) I help safe the earth. But if I ride the car I polute the air which changes the environment too.

Movements most of the time are formed by strong leaders who have a big impact on the ones who join/follow. This can be dangerous.

A few movements that concern me here in Germany are the ones who go more to the left or right wing. There are people looking for the extreme way, i.e. getting problems fixed through fighting. I think this is a reason why we as Christians need to join politics. To be peacemakers.

Comment by andibinder

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