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MODULE 1 || STAGE 3 by seancooper
September 19, 2008, 1:32 pm
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What would you identify as grand issues requiring holistic solutions in our world today?
Describe micro strategies you have seen that are making positive change towards a global issue.
If you were to form an international business for global change, what would it look like?


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Something in the US that I think requires a holistic solution is working on a better education system. I was inspired when I read the passage on what Finland was doing for their country and just wondering why can’t the US be more successful on supporting our teachers and making them more well respected because of what a hard job they have raising the future of our country.

Going back to making our world more “green” is a micro strategy that I continue seeing being developed on a daily basis. Its a slowly but surely process that will take a long time for it to fully evolve and for more people to understand the important reason of making our world better.

I’m not one for starting my own business, but I would certainly love to come along side a great global change movement that benefits the future of the world whether that be education, service, hospitality, or anything to do with the younger generation.

Comment by laurenmclaughlin0

We aren’t a holistic society in America. We do not think of Wholes just individuals. In individualism you get some good things and then very bad things. There is a lack of loyalty now in companies because individuals seek out to gain more and will leave and go else where if they see that they can benefit or make more money somewhere else. But also holistic solutions seems like a trend in America when it comes to medicine. I don’t have enough knowledge on those approaches to know if they are good or not, but I hear people talking about going a more holistic Doctors more and more.

I live with one of those micro strategic people. Brittany is one of the more environmental friendly people. Recycling, not using styrofoam as much (sorry chick-fil-a) getting those new light bulbs, etc. And its those little things that have become not trends but ways of life that people do as a norm now.

I wouldn’t mind finding that guy that was on the Colbert Report that could make filtered clean water our of anything. I’ll make up a business plan since I am taking an amazing course in International Business Markets Today, and well put those up all over the world and give water to the world.

Comment by laurenberlin

I like Lauren’s idea on making clean water! How much will it cost?! Can we do it? Show me the bussiness plan Lauren!!

I will try and make some comments, but I am a bit weary as I did not have the reading…

I feel like a broken record but I cannot think of a better example of a “grand issue requiring a holistic solution” than our OVC in Africa for expample. It is like you will always have poverty if people are not given a chance to develop from childhood… and you need food, education, health to be in place… holistically. Then kids can really be developed into leaders, problem solvers of their own country.

2. Micro Strategies. One of our local churches started a HIV/Aids care facility. Now instead of 85% of people dying 85% of people are survivingwhen they recieve care there. A church… imagine.

3. International bussiness for global change? Can I phone a friend? No I would have to think about that. Interesting ocncept to have the incentive of profit with the spin off of global change…

Comment by heidigrundlingh

Child maltreatment is a grand issue facing our world today. 600,000-800,000 people are trafficked as modern slaves each year, and at least half are children. 3 million reports of child abuse are made each year in the United States, but the actual incidents of abuse are estimated to be more than 9 million. This problem requires holistic solutions. Most child abusers were abused when they were children. This cyclical problem needs to be addressed in children and adults. The solution will require parenting classes; safe outlets for children like sports and other after school programs; safe houses; closer-knit, loving communities; and I’d suggest Christian programs that introduce parents and children to the merciful and compassionate God of the universe, the one who is his/her heavenly Father.

An example of a microstrategy that is making a positive impact on issues of women’s rights is (as described in WorldChanging)beauty salons. Many beauty salons have become aware that their employees often serve as confidants to their customers. Beauty salons that are taking it upon themselves to listen for signs of abuse and provide material about abuse and how to escape it are making a positive difference on this issue of human dignity at the most microlevel-individual to individual.

If I were to form an international business it would be a new and vintage clothing boutique. The shopping bags, furniture, and everything else in the store/that involved my company would all be made sweatshop free with more sustainable and environmentally friendly material. The prices would be affordable and employees well paid. The clothing would include classic pieces and clothing as an art form. Each piece of clothing would include a story of how I came to find it and tell the story of who made it. Clothes would also be able to be sold back to the store. The company would encourage consumer consciousness, promote reuse of clothing, value intentional beauty, and reveal that a company can be successful without exploiting others.

Comment by Courtney Walmer

Lauren McLaughlin brought up hospitality in her response about an international business, which got me thinking. I just spent last weekend hanging out with a bunch of Catholic Workers at their annual midwest conference and we spent a lot of time talking about what it means to be hospitable. What they do (which I’m sure is very different than what you were thinking of, Lauren) is set up houses that Catholic Workers live in that can be “hospitality house” (in their words) to people in their community in need. The ministry could be specific, like providing rooms and friendship for single mothers avoiding abuse, to really general. What would be kind of cool, business-wise, would be to create some kind of “sister house” relationship between a hospitality business (like a hotel) with a hospitality house like the Catholic Worker houses. You could require people to work at both places (or maybe just have hotel employees work at the other house once a week for pay) and guest could know that in paying to receive hospitality they also are helping provide hospitality to others. It would be especially cool if they two houses were close in ways besides just the hotel donating to the other house, and maybe in some cases they could be very near each other (like if you had a bed and breakfast and a hospitality house across the street that had workers living in both).

Anyway, that’s just an idea. I’ll get back for more thoughts on the other two questions later.

Comment by Sarah Lynne

I was really interested in the education stuff. When I read about the schoolsystem in Finland, it made me really thinking about our schoolsystem in bavaria and whole Germany ( it is different in each state). At the moment we in bavaria have the “best schoolsystem” but our poilticians know that and I think they should work on it, so it allways be the best. Sometimes we know that it is the best, but only for a timeperiod, we should keep working on things so they will allways be the best.

Christine mentioned one in stage 2. We have the movement in Kiefersfelden who produces green power thru wind, water and the sun. If more countries would produce their power thru this kind of energy, the planet would be greener in a view years.

My business would be more like an organization who supports businesses. Those businesses would produce green electricity or helps to make clean water or takes care of the education or heolps people in medical needs.

Comment by Thomas

Which issues need holistic solutions:
Well first of all I see a big problem as the gap between rich and poor, first and third World countries get bigger. Even in a Land as Germany is this a huge issue. The rich(including me) may have a good life now but it´ll come back on us.
A great micro strategy in our area is the Jugendhilfeverein. A non-profit organisation build to help young people. Give them a place to hang out, do their homework, get some food and help from a trained social worker. It is for teenagers with good and bad family background. It´s a solid place and has so far helped teenagers to stay out of trouble.
My international business for global change:
When I was reading about women rights there was a part that stuck in my head: It said that women need to be respected. That´s really good. But from a biblical perspective not enough. Men like to be respected, I do. But the Bible says: Husbands need to love their wives as Christ loves the church(Ephesians 5.25). Why does God say something like this? Because he knows that a women want to be loved, not just respected. How about a woman rights Organization coming out of the hand of men? HUH? Andi what are you saying with this?: Well I think we need Godly men out there who love women for who they are. Who don´t see them anymore as sexual objects, but as our world greatest treasures. What I don´t like about some woman rights organisations is that they have women in leadership who don´t like men. It needs to be a together, not an against each other thing. I think one way to strengthen woman rights is by changing the minds of the men in this world. We need to learn to love women. Godly men stick with their wife a life long, they don´t go off and get STD´s or HIV. They love their little girls so much they just want the best for them and as a result of this get them an education… . I hope you get it. I feel like this is one of my main goals, to try my best in being a godly man(thou I fail a lot) and building up godly young men.

Comment by andibinder

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