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September 26, 2008, 3:48 pm
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Hello Everyone. Can’t wait to catch up with you this coming week. I’m also excited to get into this next book and discuss issues related to poverty. Have a great weekend and see you soon.

Describe how globalization has tied you to poverty issues in some part of the world.

On a scale of 1-10, how optimistic are you about macro strategies for ending extreme poverty in the next fifteen years?

In what ways do you think the Church should lead the world in holistic change in the issue of poverty?


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The majority of my travels outside the country has led me to Egypt. I have made visits to many of the “garbage cities” as well call them, and have seen/smelled first hand some horrific scenes that have been caused by extreme poverty. With Northland being on the forefront of globalization and connecting with churches all over the world, myself and many others have been distributed over to Egypt to love on the people that live in those areas. Right now we have people in those areas from Northland.

6 4/3rds. I want to be more optimistic and show Hope in our humanity, but humanity over the course of history has not be a group that has tried to help people, but figure out means for their own good. Darwin was onto something when he wrote about natural selection and survival of the fittest. I think there is a great movement that is going on with a younger generation wanting to burst from those ideals, but greed has significant control on people, and good intentions can be manipulated and changed by some dough.

Awareness. If we begin to educate kids when they are younger that there are people in the world that don’t live such blessed lives as us. And as we grow show ways we can help the world, instead of programming commercial materialist ideas into are heads. Tv tells kids what to do when they are older, the church should be doing the same. Showing our youth ways they can get involved and create change now.

Comment by laurenberlin

Globalization… I lived in Egypt in one of the slums. It was the ability to travel outside South Africa that made me see black Africans and the poverty in my country differently. It is like I had to step outside of what was “acceptable” in my culture is really not. Even through reading End o Pov. I realised how you are not poor because you fail to do something for yourself. You may be poor because no matter how hard you try, you cannot get out of poverty.

On a scale.. it depends which angle I look at it. On the one had it has to be macrostrategies to address global issues like unfair trade agreements, making technology more readily available. So you need a coordinated effort on that level. The question is does the people who could broker change on that level have the will to do it. This make we wish we had a man in there!! We have to engage on a microlevel (at multiple locations and spheres) though to encourage the process. I think sometimes we little people feel we can only watch how macro strategies play out. But is means alot when the little people are informed and aware. It affects who they support politically. In that way maybe we can effect macro strategies. I have much more hope though in looking to Him for direction in how we should get involed. We talk alot about revival in SA and the hope that God will work through his people on all shperes of live. So maybe God can reveal his macrostrategy through us…

3. Chruch leadership. Well I actually really did not want to work with the church but I kept experiencing God pulling me back to his church. I think God believes in the church I should believe in the church. And I must say is is amazing to see how God works with people from the inside out. That is were we really need to start… from there comes unity, vision, the ability to work together.

Comment by heidigrundlingh

I spent the last 45 minutes writing my answers, went to post and realized I wasn’t logged in as myself, went back and logged in and in the process I accidentally lost everything I wrote….

It was brilliant and I will try to remember it all when I get over my frustration. 🙂

Comment by Jenny

I still remember this vivid part of my very first mission trip to Jamaica the summer after my freshman year of high school. The bus driver took a different route than normal and drove us through this poor part of town that you would just picture in your mind but never actually see. I can still imagine the children’s faces looking at us through the window and just wish I could have given them something, anything that was with me at the time. That day has always struck a chord with me and made me remember that there are others out there going through poverty that I just can’t begin to imagine what that looks like and wish I knew a better way to help those people out than sending money.

I think educating kids when they are younger in understanding the basic principles of whats happening in their world will help them reach more people as they grow older. Even when reaching out to those kids, parents will understand the importance of teaching their kids what is going on in Africa and to help African kids have a better life like their own.

Comment by laurenmclaughlin0

1. Globalization has led to a more globalized media. Reading National Geographic and lots of books was the beginning of God giving me a passion for cultures and Him breaking my heart for children all over the world living in conditions of extreme poverty. Images like the war in Northern Uganda, unclean and unsafe living conditions for children in Indonesia, and emaciation of children all over Africa ignited something in me longing to understand why things were this way and what God intended. Also, Northland’s vision for serving all over the world has taken me to Swaziland, where I’ve seen first hand the effects of extreme poverty.

2. Honestly, I’m not very optimistic at all about ending extreme poverty within the given timeline of next fifteen years. Primarily because we are already so far behind in the outlined goals. I think giving a timeline was good, because it encourages people that change is within their grasp; however, i think more important than dates is the goal and the continuous action to work towards ending extreme poverty.

3. The hope for transformation of poverty lies in the Church. I think the Church needs to encourage the youth to look towards the heavenly and seek God’s kingdom now.

Comment by Courtney

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