Kingdom Noise Apprenticeship

White Paper by seancooper
December 8, 2008, 1:24 pm
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Thanks everyone for all your contribution this semester to the apprenticeship, but mostly it is amazing to join you in the expansion of the Kingdom all around the world. I wish everything related to school was this engaging and meaningful.

Would you please add 3-5 bullet points to this post, and write them along these lines: Based on our reading and discussion this term, how has your view and application of the Kingdom expanded? What key concepts are beginning to take root in your faith?

The more you can reference topics and/or discussion, the better. If you want to add personal stories, that’s great too. Just make sure that your posts reflect concepts from the reading. Jenny has graciously agreed to compile all of them and condense it into one page as a summary from the semester.

Thanks everyone.