Kingdom Noise Apprenticeship


World Changing

by Alex Steffen

How is our world changing?
What inspires you as an instrument of change?
Who is trying to change our world? Why?
How does massive change take place?
What are ways people are trying to change the world?
What are micro strategies for change?
If you were to form an international business for global change, what would it look like?


The End of Poverty

by Jeffrey D. Sachs

What are macro strategies for change?
How is poverty/social injustice issues affecting the world?
Is the Church a viable means for macro change? How?


Culture, Communication, and Christianity: A Selection of Writings

Various Authors

Is church planting the same or is it changing?
How do we practically expand the Kingdom through the Church?
How do we communicate the Gospel in this changing world?
What should we aim for and avoid as travelers of the Gospel?
What is the function of language in the Gospel?
How can we learn from non-Wester cultures in linguistics?


Building the Bridge as You Walk On It

by Robert E. Quinn

How does inward change result in Kingdom change?
Are there cross-cultural, human insecurities that impact us all?
How do you define and view leadership locally and globally?
How do you personally grow as a Kingdom leader?
How do you personally grow as a Kingdom leader?  
How do you invite others to lead alongside you? 


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