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December 8, 2008, 1:24 pm
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Thanks everyone for all your contribution this semester to the apprenticeship, but mostly it is amazing to join you in the expansion of the Kingdom all around the world. I wish everything related to school was this engaging and meaningful.

Would you please add 3-5 bullet points to this post, and write them along these lines: Based on our reading and discussion this term, how has your view and application of the Kingdom expanded? What key concepts are beginning to take root in your faith?

The more you can reference topics and/or discussion, the better. If you want to add personal stories, that’s great too. Just make sure that your posts reflect concepts from the reading. Jenny has graciously agreed to compile all of them and condense it into one page as a summary from the semester.

Thanks everyone.



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-The importance of a lot of people doing small things to make big impacts: The examples from the book Worldchanging and our discussion on the topic seemed to encourage this.
-The importance of Christians being connected in networks: Again there were examples in Worldchanging about how networks enabled more innovation and helped the spread of good ideas. My experience in the apprenticeship also attested to the importance of connecting with people in other areas. It is encouraging to me and also helps me consider different perspectives.
-We need to learn to speak each other’s language: The Kraft reading gave an example of how riddles are used in different ways than in our culture. And our discussion centered around how we need to understand the cultural forms in a place to know how to best communicate the Gospel. In a weird way, discussing these concepts each week with our friends in Germany also helped me learn to contextualize.
-We need to be aware of how things we do perpetuate poverty and suffering, and work to find better ways of doing things: A lot of our discussion and reading of The End of Poverty pointed to this.

Comment by Sarah Lynne

Thinking about the things I have learned during the first semester of Kingdom Noise, brings me to that thought.

Live a christian life with global perspective and look at global issues with a christian perspective.

Thinking back to the studies and topics we went through I feel its all about understanding. Understand the others language, understand the meaning about other cultures and traditions. Get an understanding that there is not only one way in doing things, but one way who makes it happen. Understand, that you dont need to act big, to have a big impact.
To understand that being “close minded” doesnt help anyone, and understanding means repsect.

My favorite book was: The End of Poverty. First of all, I learned a lot. I got so many information about things I have never heard before. It gave me a clear and great overview africa and other “3rd world countries”. The whole history, why poverty happens and its like a wheel that never stops, made me think about it a lot.
Poverty! What is poverty? are there different kinds of poverty? When can I say, that someone is poor, or lives in poverty? Who set the standard?

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Comment by Christine

The readings and discussions early in the apprenticeship helped to refocus our attention on the global issues of poverty, education, effectively sharing the gospel, injustice etc. The process also deepened the understanding that, actually, people shape or change or impact these issues. It encouraged the notion that we can engage with a global issue on a micro scale. The key elements in order to engage global issues were, to have a desire to see God move on these issues and realizing that he uses average individuals to engage and bring about change through networking, being informed and most of all, through following his guidance.

“Building the bridge as you walk on It.” definitely pointed me to how being authentic, and purpose-centered as a leader and a participant leads to less ego, insecurity and guardedness in a group. It also leads to more collective creativity. It really takes you back to the principals Jesus gave us for operating in his kingdom… we do it for his purposes, consider the welfare of others and also, transparency and honesty is key. Quinn’s example showed how kingdom principals work even in the secular setting of business; the very place where we often assume that different rules apply. I appreciate how when God’s kingdom principals are applied, a wholesomeness emerges that speaks of the Designer’s original intent. This just encourages us to boldly take these principals into every sphere we may work in ….. Humanitarian, business, arts….

Ethnolinguistics – Delving into how language and culture affect each other was really thought provoking. It again proved how there are worldviews completely removed from our own. It encouraged me to delve into others’ worlds by listening to their expressions and trying to understand what that reveals of their unique perspective. How does their perspective effect how I communicate truth effectively? How often does it leads to re-evaluating my own perspective in the light of His truth?

Comment by heidigrundlingh

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